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When kids begin elementary school, they have questions about everything. At this age, their favorite word is "why" as they begin to transition to life outside of the home.

At The Lighthouse, we are not afraid of your kids' "why". Instead, we guide them to learn the answers to their questions in a safe and fun atmosphere. We give them solid Bible teaching, we teach them to worship in Spirit and in Truth. We get out their wiggles through songs and games, and we provide snacks and crafts each Sunday. Your kids will leave each Sunday ready to share the exciting message of Jesus.
Our services start at 10 am. Please come a few minutes early to get them registered at our welcome desk. You will be given a security tag with a number that matches the one on your child's name tag. Only the person with the security tag will be able to go to the classroom to drop off or pick up the child.
For more information, contact Christina Aguilar at kids@dfwlighthouse.org