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One Month Later

Here's what's been going on lately...

We are still awaiting the engineer’s report on our main building. Will it stay or will it go?

Much of the slab where the Venue and offices once stood has been cleared. Final clean-up should be completed by Monday, 11/25. Going, going - gone.

Repairs to the Healing Center are underway. New room configurations will allow a temporary home for our toddlers and younger children.

“Lighthouse Kids”, our children’s church, will occupy a room at the front of Lighthouse Coffee that should be completed by 12/1.

We have met at J.A. Vitovsky Elementary twice, and both times the sense of family and most importantly, God’s Presence, have been evident. We are so grateful for this space to meet!

This Friday at 8:00 am, a team of 7 will depart for Rio Bravo, Mexico, where we will meet veteran missionary Richard Apfel for another opportunity to show God’s Love to our dear brothers and sisters across the border. We will meet with pastors and leaders, pray for many, and share the Gospel. We will also distribute Celebrate Recovery materials and Bibles to area leaders so that new groups can be started to help with Mexico’s addiction crisis.

 Plans are to go back to the Dallas International Street Church on December 4th to distribute food, clothing, and personal care items to those who are in need.

The Lighthouse continues to shine, even through the rubble and debris! We celebrated the wedding of one of our precious young couples, Noah and Caroline, last week. We also welcomed Silas Lane into the world. He is the son of our Worship Pastor, Alex, and his beautiful wife, Amy.

After our morning worship service this past Sunday, we gathered at the Coffee Bar for our annual “Souper Salad Lunch.” The weather was spectacular! There was an abundance of food and wonderful connection. All ages enjoyed the coffee bar ambiance as well as the warmth of each other’s company.

There is still so much we don’t know about the building, even a month out, but there is so much that we DO know! God has a plan for us. This did not take Him by surprise. And He has good things in store. The work we are doing continues and goes unhindered. Hearts are encouraged.

A lovely missionary from England, Tracy Jenkins, encouraged us by saying, “You are the church without walls, and many of us around the world are watching with anticipation as God’s plan unfolds.” 

This was God’s plan all along: that we would all be a “church without walls.”

With gratitude,

Pastor Dan

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